• Who?
    Hi! My name is Utku. I live in Izmir, Turkey. I'm co-founder of Siis & Blay Games and doing and loving things. And, yes I've done things.
  • What?

    I'm a developer and also sort of an entrepreneur. I'm using C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB and some Frameworks & Libraries like Laravel, jQuery, Cordova, etc.

    But mostly, I'm using Unity (and sometimes Unreal Engine) for game/AR/VR development, some IDEs like Sublime Text, Idea/Rider, Consulo, etc. for coding and Fireworks & Illustrator for graphical needs.

  • Love!

    I love technology, programming/coding (especially CSS), experimental development, music, science, visual & experimental art, Lego, Batman, Half-Life & Portal series, Dinosaurs and most importantly coffee.

  • Done!

    I've done so many things for about last fifteen years (which I completely started to programming). I won honors and awards, developed many web sites/apps, some games and some AR/VR projects. Some of them released, some of them never released. I founded an organisation at the university and tried to teach programming & coding to students like me.

    You'll find and old portfolio in this PDF.

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  • Also.
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